Instagram Management

Reach real and relevant Instagram users.
Increase conversion.

We only believe in real, relevant followers to promote your brand and increase your conversions. If you are looking for black-hat strategies you have come to the wrong place. We believe in quality, not quantity. We won’t do anything that would put your Instagram page and brand in jeopardy.

We know what works. We follow a unique process to automate our workflow and tailor it to your brand. We do what we would call “Instagram SEO: we optimise your Instagram content and strategy to increase your exposure, brand awareness and customers.


We take the time to understand who you are, your brand and your audience (demographics and psychographics). We seek to understand the essence of your business, your market and industry. We also analyse your competition to make you stand out.


We create a strategic targeting plan to drive followers to your page. We identify the people who are most likely to relate to and connect with your brand. We will find the people who truly want to listen to you. We also identify influencers.


We take the time to engage with people on Instagram in an genuine and authentic way. We believe in quality interactions to build strong relationships with your followers. We also strive on building partnerships with like-minded people.


We’ll make sure that the right accounts are finding you and following you. These new followers will be the ones who love your content. You will see an increase in engagement with your brand, word-of-mouth and sales.


Within a couple of seconds your gallery is a window into the heart of your business. The design of your gallery should reflect your brand image. We select with care the overall look of your Instagram gallery.


Instagram is a great way to reach relevant people to your business. You can drive sales through your great content. If you need a content strategy, we can help too!

Connect with people who care about you.


  • #1 Instagram account in New Caledonia
  • Started managing @MyNewCaledonia in February 2015.
  • Creation of a branded hashtag in September 2015: #MyNewCaledonia.
  • Already  +5,000 photos shared using #MyNewCaledonia.
  • +400 passionate contributors from all over the world.
  • In September 2015 My New Caledonia was selected to represent New Caledonia in France. Only 100 content creators were shortlisted across France to participate in “Jaime La France” advertising campaign, organised by We Like Travel agency. My New Caledonia was exhibited in front of +800 travel agencies and directors.
  • +3500 followers within a year (February 2016: +5,100, April 2016: +6,200).
  • Between 5-10 leads per month (travellers sending email enquiries).

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