The Personal Journal app is an app we have made in less than two months for iPhones and Android phones. The idea to make this app came to life after we did some research about the power of gratitude, mindfulness and positivity.

We believe that journaling should not be about the app (how fancy it looks) but about what you put in your journal: your positive affirmations, your gratitude, your reflections, your photos.

As a result, we wanted to make an app that was simple to use and had a very clean interface.

A few sketches later, a lot of structuring, hardwork and love, Personal Journal was born.

To celebrate Mental Health Month, we decided to look back at some of messages we have received from people using their Personal Journal.

The following are messages we have received via email, the App Stores and Instagram.

We are very happy and extremely grateful our app is useful to people and that it is helping them in their everyday lives.

The best journal app.

I love this app. It’s not fancy but user friendly. What I love most is that you can journal your morning and evaluate your day in the evening.

Good design and good lifestyle apps are rare!

Just so you know. I found your app and I am so excited this is around! Good design and good lifestyle apps are rare!
– By Catri.

Glad I found this

Glad I found this, looking for something to help me out.
– By Liz.

So sweet and helpful!

I love this app! The design and functionality is lovely! I like seeing the images of the month all together. I love the question: why did this happen? I find myself really thinking about my day and why it felt the way it did. Thank you for this app!
– By laurlia

Simple, purposeful app

Loving this app. It’s simple, concise and gets to the point without overwhelming you with superfluous features. Been using it every day. Thank you for this!
– By lizab33sf

Thank you!

Grateful for this app!
– By Dfloyd1400

Awesome app!

I love this app! I use it daily and definitely benefit from it! I recommend it highly.
– By Reneesgreen

Simple and perfect

This app is so simple yet it is everything it needs to be. You’re able to journal your gratitude, goals and reflections.
– By passerihs

Great App!

I like the ease and simplicity of it. I will use it daily to keep myself motivated and grateful for the each day!
– By Realtor Arlene

This is a GREAT app.

An awesome app to help stay thankful and positive and get through the day. Yes, great app! And being able to make it a booklet is awesome! I wanna download them quarterly and reread through them!
– By DennisSaintRose

Everything you expect

Nothing you don’t. Great app.
– By Jenny A 21

Amazing gratitude journal

Thank you for this wonderful app This is what I was looking for.

Thank you to everyone who have been messaging us! We are very happy Personal Journal helps each and everyone of you in its own unique way.

We love making apps that have a purpose and help people.

If you have an idea or project. We would love to work with you. Please send us a message through our contact form.