How much does a website cost? Simple answer:

As much as a car.

It’s that easy really. I mean you can stop reading right now. All you needed to know is in the title.

Ok, so you want to find out out more.

Website shopping is the same as car shopping. Before you go looking to buy a car, you know the type, model and price you want to pay for the car. The same can be said about a website: What type of website do you want? What features are needed? And how much do you want to pay for it?

If you can answer these questions then it is time to go website shopping.

Let’s have a look at the different price ranges and see what car … website we can get.

1. $5,000

A popular price range for a basic website and for a used Toyota Corolla. So what do you get for this price range? Well you get a solid, reliable car that drives, stops, turns, has lights and a radio. I mean a website that has a home page, a couple of landing pages, a contact page, a basic generic design and a basic logo. It will get the job done. 👍



Toyota Corolla – Year unknown … definitely not a recent model.

2. $5,000 – $10,000

Maybe a Toyota Corolla … basic website is just not enough for you. Maybe you want a bit more style and edginess and an air-conditioner … I mean blog. For the $5,000 – $10,000 price range you will additionally get a custom design that reflects your company/brand, a blog, SEO and analytics and a more polished website that will show your users that you are serious about what you do.


Stylish and edgy

Toyota Camry – 2015

3. $20,000 – $50,000

Ok let’s get serious now. Your company/brand is much better than a Toyota Corolla or Camry. You are more of a BMW. You are more fine tuned, have more personality and specific requirements. You represent quality and value. You are not just a box that gets you from a to b. You are a fine tuned, german engineered box that gets you from a to be and leaves you fully satisfied. When your users go on your website they should be impressed with the latest state of the art design, user experience and functionality of your website. You have the money to spend and you want to show it.


Specific Requirements

BMW 3 Series – 2015

4. $20,000 – $

You don’t really like what is out there at the moment and are not really impressed by BMWs and not even Lamborghinis . You have a bigger vision. You want to build the next Facebook or Twitter. You want a full custom web app that does exactly what you envision it to do. You simply want to create magic!


Custom website


There you go. That is quite a good overview of what kind of websites you can get and how much they cost. There is one very important point that you shouldn’t forget. That applies to both car and website shopping:


Which is true for all things in life. If you want a Lamborghini but want to pay the price of a used Toyota Corolla. Then don’t be surprised if this shows up at your front door.

Lmbrghn – 2016

It might resemble a Lamborghini but let me tell you that you would have been better off just getting a Toyota Corolla (at least it will get you from a to b) 👍. Not even we can help you turn that around. Trust me … we’ve tried before.

Now if you have a better idea of what kind of website you need and how much you want to pay for it then contact us. We would be happy to build you a Toyota Corolla, Camry, BMW and Magic but please let’s not mention any Lmbrghns.