Our process

We work on a project-by-project basis to stay focused and deliver a high quality product. We reserve a time slot in our calendar for you. A developer will be assigned to your project and will dedicate his time to build your app or website only. We follow a simple process. For us, it is very important to understand your business in order to design and develop accordingly.

1. First meeting

During our first meeting we will talk about your needs and goals, and what you are expecting. We will explain to you how we work and how we can help. You will work one-on-one with a developer who will be assigned to your project only.

2. Getting to know your business

In order to build a website or app that suits your need, we need to understand you and your business first and foremost. Therefore, we will ask you to fill a simple questionnaire before we start working on your website or app. This questionnaire will cover topics such as your business, market, industry, customers (current and potential), and business goals (online and offline).

During this stage, we will also discuss our preferred workflow and things like: the content of your website (will you need copywriting?) and your desired imagery (what is your branding strategy? will you need new photos, icons, logos?).

3. Market research

Who are you competing against? What’s the current state of your industry and market? It is important to analyse your competitive landscape. Nowadays our online image acts as our business cards because the first thing people do is to “google”. Your website or App Store / Google Play product description needs to be your elevator pitch. As such it is important to understand your competitors’ business, target market, design and marketing strategies to differentiate your product. At this stage, we are interested in identifying your value proposition and unique selling point. These will then form the core of your website or app structure and design. Then we start with a fresh mindset to develop the mock-up design.

4. Design

We work on the structure and architecture of the website or app. We think about the user experience to build a beautiful – and most importantly – useful user interface. At this stage we identify the technologies we will need to build the best version of your website and app. Key questions we ask ourselves are: What frameworks will we use? What programming language will suit the project best to build a robust product? What design and interface will make your visitors stay longer on the page or app? At this stage we build the wireframes and select your colour theme to ensure a consistent brand image throughout the website.

5. Development

We then start developing the backbone of the website or app. In the early stages of this step, some of our key priorities are:

  • get all the functionalities working perfectly before adding the aesthetics components,
  • make sure the website is reactive, responsive and mobile-friendly, and
  • make sure your website or app is bug-free.

Once everything works to plan, we then dress up the product with the design elements. After testing, we are then ready to deploy the website or app.

6. Launch and handover

All of our websites and apps come with already set-up Google Analytics and Google Search Console as well as basic search engine optimisation. This is to make sure that your website is getting indexed by search engines, and that you can start your marketing efforts straight away. We will hand-over all the files you need, such as the different versions of your logo, the images, copy of the website, colour theme, typography and the code.

We also offer support and maintenance after the project has been completed.

Do you have a project? Let's work together.