Aging Care

Find the best caring facility for your patient

Aging Care is a website app that links hospitals and aged care facilities. Both users (hospitals and aged care facilities) can sign up on the website to create their profile. The website acts like a search engine, with filters, to find the best facility that suits the specific needs of a patient.

We are very happy to be part of this exciting project. We are currently working on it. We will update this page once we can show you the final product. But here is a sneak peek of the homepage below.



  • Hosting setup
  • Server setup
  • Web app development
  • Website design



What the Founder say

Andrew is an effective communicator and this is quite important in jobs where you’re depending on someone to ask questions and help you to build the product you are envisioning. Andrew is able to explain why he is doing something, how he is doing it, as well as how long it should take and he is very much on top of that schedule. Andrew is able to manage expectations very well.

I really enjoyed our conversations even generally around the product and how features should work. His critical analysis is very strong and working together across a 5 month period, I came to very much trust and value his thoughts about how users would experience certain features. His insight into things from a technical perspective and willingness and ability to share that in an effective way really makes him more of a team member than a contractor in my opinion. It was great to work with Andrew and I am already looking forward to continuing to work with him.” Amber, Founder

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