Car Free Me

Keep doing what you love, car free

CarFreeMe is a fantastic program for people who want or need to stop driving. The program has been developed by a multi-disciplinary team from the University of Queensland in collaboration with Queensland University of Technology and Flinders University. CarFreeMe is supported by UniQuest, the commercialisation company of the University of Queensland.

The team needed an informational website to introduce CarFreeMe to allied health professionals, the press, as well as family and friends of people who might find CarFreeMe useful.


  • Server setup
  • Domain name setup
  • Website development
  • Website design
  • Graphics
  • Copywriting (workshopped and approved by the team)
  • Broad search engine optimisation for each pages
  • Content marketing strategy: blog post ideas and keyword research for each



The team did not have any content for the website. I started from scratch by reading all the journal articles and publications about the program to immerse myself into the project.

The trick was to write the content of the website in such way that it would appeal to health care professionals but not scare away family and friends.

I decided to focus on the important (physical and emotional) outcomes of the program, without mentioning words like “retirement” and “driving cessation”.

A slogan, and mantra, naturally emerged: “Keep doing what you love, car free”.

This slogan underlines both emotional and cognitive features of the program. People can stay active and in control (“keep doing”) of their lives and important activities that they “love”, without needed a car (“car free”). This idea is a recurring theme throughout the copy of the website.

See CarFreeMe website in action here.

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