Personal Journal

Your daily diary to be happy

The Personal Journal App is a simple app to record moments, memories and remind you of all the positive things that happened in your life. One reminder at a time, everyday.


  • App design and development for Android and iPhone
  • In-app purchases
  • Submission to the Apple Store and Google Play
  • Website design and development
  • Hosting setup
  • Server setup
  • SSL Certificate
  • Social media marketing and management (Instagram)
  • Brand identity (logo, fonts, colour theme)


We have designed and developed the app for both Android and iPhone and built the website in less than a month. The key is to follow a simple process, think about the core functionalities and architecture of the app. This ensures the apps will be robust from the start.

We managed to reduce the size of the iOS app to 3.6MB (compared to average competitive apps’ size of 24MB). This means it takes just a couple of seconds to download the app (great user experience) and doesn’t take much space on your phone.

The App ranked in the Top 10 of the Apple Store within the 24 hours of launch for the following keywords: “personal journal” and “gratitude journal”.

We also made sure the app could deploy updates directly to the users’ devices. This means that we have a direct engagement model with our userbase if we need to update the app. Users don’t have to “update” the app, we do it all automatically, seamlessly.

Close to 1,000 people downloaded the app just in the first two weeks after the launch.

Smiling Mind shared our app on their Instagram gallery, reaching like-minded people.


We have also built a website to introduce the app. The look is clean, simple and matches the design of the app.

The Inspiration page shows our Instagram gallery directly on the website. This way we link all platforms and keep things integrated and aligned with our brand image.



We are also on Instagram. As you can see we have kept the same theme and design elements across all online platforms. You can see our primary colour in another shade and fonts are used for the quotes. We are also using the same filter for the images. Our branding is consistent across all platforms. Our goal is to provide a relaxing and trusting platform for those looking for daily inspiration.

We are always looking at ways to use Instagram in a creative ways. For the Personal Journal App we opted for one line of quotes and one line of images. This gives our gallery a nice, consistent theme.


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