Property Analyser

Australia’s first fully automated investment property calculator

Property Analyser is a property analysis tool for Australian properties. It tells a property investor how much money a property will make them or cost them – shall they decide to buy it. The investor only has to enter the property address and purchase price. Property Analyser does the rest.

It finds all the data about the property and does all the calculations in seconds. We have also developed Property Finder, a new way for investors to find the best property based on new criteria such as the discount, cash flow (positive, negative), number of days on the market, and more. Together, Property Analyser and Property Finder offer a full solution for home buyers and property investors. They can even generate a PDF report and save the analysis for later.

We build the front and back end and everything in between using a custom PHP application, WordPress, database and Stripe payment. The website is hosted on Amazon Cloud Servers.


  • Hosting setup
  • Server setup
  • Web app development
  • Website design
  • SSL Certificate
  • Stripe payment integration


Within the first month after the launch, over 200 people subscribed to Property Analyser. We received many positive feedback. There were a little over 400 users just two months after the launch.


The homepage needed to reflect how easy  the tool is. As such, the homepage is minimalistic and drives the users through the features of the website. To prove to them how truly easy Property Analyser is, people can test it for themselves straight away by entering the address of the property and their desired purchase price.


People must subscribe with their email address to access the tools. The registration process should take less than a minute. We ask about the background of the user (beginner investor, experienced investor, real estate agent etc.) and why they are interested in using Property Analyser. This allows us to understand who is using the tool the most to inform future product development.

Upon registration, the subscriber will receive an automated welcome email along with a unique password.


Once logged in, people are able to view how many searches they have left, a list of the latest properties they searched for, and their saved (“favorite”) properties. They can change their password and buy more searches. People make payment via Stripe. They will automatically receive a receipt on their email address.


Users can follow a “guide” to understand what they can do with Property Analyser. The guide is essentially a tour of Property Analyser that highlights the most important features of the tool.

We have built the whole backend of Property Analyser and Property Finder, including the algorithms that complete the analyses. Some of the features include: an investment property summary, a settings section for users to update the figures based on their own background (salary, tax, loan, etc.), a summary of the investment property cash flow forecast or a more detailed analysis, an estimated valuation, demographics of the area, charts to visualise things such as the debt to equity ratio.

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